Melbourne (Caulfield)

Parish of Saint Benedict

With the recent death of Father Christopher Seton, the Parish of Saint Benedict has been combined with the Parish of Saint Edmund Campion (see below)

Melbourne (Mentone)

Parish of Saint Edmund Campion

Meets: Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church, Childers Street, Mentone

Sundays:  Holy Mass, 9.30 am (Ordinariate Rite)

Weekdays: Holy Mass, Thursday 10.30 am (Ordinariate Rite)

Contact: Father Ramsay Williams | 03 9580 1032 |

Gippsland (Heyfield/Cowwarr)

Parish of The Most Holy Family

Sundays: St Michael’s Catholic Church, Heyfield

Confession 9.30am; Mass 10.00am

Weekdays: St Brigid’s Catholic Church, Cowwarr

Monday: Mass 9.00am

Tuesday: Mass 7.00pm

Wednesday:  Mass, 10.00am; Adoration, 10.30-11.00am

Thursday: Mass 10.00am: Holy Hour 6.00pm

Friday: Mass 7.00pm

Saturday: Mass 10.00am

1st Friday Devotions: Holy Mass 7.00 pm; Adoration till 12.00am

1st Saturday Devotions: Confession 9.30 am; Holy Mass 10.00am; Rosary and Adoration till 11.30am

Contact: Very Rev Fr Ken Clark | 0403 383 873 | (03) 5148 9477