Week of Prayer for Vocations (1 September – 8 September 2016)

When Jesus called his disciples from mending their nets to follow him, he promised that he would make them fishers of men.

The Latin word ‘to call’ is ‘vocare’ from which we get the word ‘vocation.’ A vocation is not simply to perform a particular task, but to live a particular way of life. A teacher teaches, but a good teacher is much more than that. It is about who he or she is, not simply what that person does.

Jesus called his disciples to a way of life, to learn from him but more importantly to be like him. The more they became like him, the more able they were to share his ministry of bringing others to know and love God.

Through baptism every disciple is called to live a Christ-like life whether our calling is to the single, married, ordained state or to the Religious life. In living our vocation faithfully and rigorously we become beacons radiating the light of Christ drawing others closer to him. It is true to say that who we are speaks louder than any words we may use in proclaiming the gospel of Christ.

As Ordinary of the Ordinariate, I invite all Ordinariate members, friends, supporters and those of good will to observe a week of Prayer for Ordinariate Vocations from 1 September 2016, the Solemnity of Our Lady of the Southern Cross until the Feast of Our Lady’s Nativity on 8 September 2016.

Our Vocations Director has prepared a booklet contains prayers, readings and reflections for each day of the week and I encourage you to download this and use it as part of your prayer during this week. I urge you to use it with the intention that your own sense of vocation might be strengthened and that you will discern whether God is also calling you to be an evangelist in a particular ministry.

If you discern a particular calling please discuss this with your priest, and if God is hinting at some form of ordained or Religious ministry, please approach our Vocations Director, Fr Stephen Hill who will walk alongside you as you discern God’s will for you.

Prayer really does change things because it changes people.

With every blessing
Yours in Christ

Harry Entwistle Crest RGB

Msgr Harry Entwistle
Ordinary OLSC